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Confidence Monitor Customization

Would like to see a way to adjust the confidence monitor display. Being able to change the position of elements, something like move the countdown timer to top right and be able to resize the different elements or pick between more configurations.

Few examples is the next line of text in songs is too small for our singers to see at the distance and the countdown timer is not noticeable enough for our pastor to see well.

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    #confidence monitor
    Agree with this suggestion. The confidence monitor wording gets real small and off to the left hand side of the screen which is not as legible as we would like. Is there any way the confidence monitor can look exactly like the projection screen wording, just with the added "first line" of the next side at the bottom, maybe separated by a line or in a "gray" color font?


    #suggestion #recommendation #lighting #sign feed.
    I would like to recommend a better way to run the midi lighting cues that get sent out.
    Currently you can only put these cues in a song or slide. The problem is is that each service you must go and set up when you want which ever lighting scene. Then when you reuse a song that had a lighting scene it comes with it. It is just a bit of a pain. Plus you need to remember to uncheck the "fire for each slide".
    I am suggesting that these lighting cues be just like a sermon recording cue, so that the lighting is not "embedded" into the song/slide.

    Another suggestion is that when an announcement slide is edited in the presentation, that it is also automatically updated in the sign feed that it has been sent to.

    If you would like to call me, it may be easier to explain on the phone.
    Thank you!

    Al (585-355-2346)

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